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Finding your role in your employees’ financial healthcare!

Finance major expenses

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What does happy look like?
Are your employees concerned about money? They’re not alone. Fifty-four percent of American workers are stressed out about their finances. Aside from the general stressors of holding a job, many people are concerned about their financial situation.

46% of workers spend three or more hours during the workweek dealing with, or thinking about, financial issues.

54% of employees want to make their own financial decisions, but need validation of those decisions.

Financial wellness has emerged as a key factor in overall well-being. A happy, healthy workforce means increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and decreased sick time. Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union can help your employees live their best lives with more time to be happy, the ability to provide for their families and the opportunity to be healthy!

Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union is here to help!

Full-service convenience is available through AHFCU’s financial products. We have many different accounts to meet employee needs.

AHFCU provides many additional services and perks to our membership to ensure that our members, and your employees, receive the best benefits possible.


Checking accounts feature convenient 24/7 access and reliable options for growing your money while still using your accounts. AHFCU offers Care Checking at three different levels, Basic, Complete and Advanced, tailored to the types of features you want. All Care Checking accounts include buyer’s protection and extended warranties and Advanced and Complete included useful add-ons like roadside assistance, theft protection and even discounts on local and national retailers.
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Consolidate debt/build credit

Save for your future


From HELOCs to fixed mortgages to refinancing, our home loan mortgage program includes pre-qualification and rate watches. Let us help finance your dream home.
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Purchase / remodel homes

Auto Loans

Get a great deal with AHFCU! With our auto loan financing, we can help your employees purchase their next car. We are proud of to offer some of the most competitive rates plus innovative packages like our Smart Choice loan, which allows members to enjoy the low payments of a lease with the perks of ownership, and the Drivers Seat loan, which provides a rewards-friendly credit card with each auto loan.
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“As a Senior Recruiter in Human Resources, I find the Credit Union staff to be very friendly and always accommodating. I use direct deposit for the holiday fund and a savings account for summer vacation. They have both been life savers. I am able to put aside money without accessing it. I am always surprised how much accumulates throughout the year and it is a tremendous help for those costly times. I also financed a vehicle and received a great rate. It is an awesome service to have on-site. As Healthcare workers, we appreciate the flexibility Allied provides to their membership. I am constantly referring employees to utilize their services.” – Cybill AHFCU Member

“I have been a member for many years and although my reason at the beginning was the convenience, I stay because of the service that the associates provide makes me feel that I’m not just an account holder. I have recommended the CU over the years to family and friends, and when I mention all the free services I get, some of them think I’m joking!” – Raymond AHFCU Member

“I am so glad I was asked to share a few thoughts on some very special perks that come along with being a member of Allied Healthcare Federal CU. The most exciting news (and I want to blare this out to as many people that will listen) is that members now have the ability to accomplish 99.99% of their banking activities without ever visiting an AHFCU branch!

Like most credit unions, AHFCU provides a myriad of services such as direct deposit capability, online banking and bill paying, online loan applications, automated telephone banking, member discounts, and even a wonderful mobile banking app. Who doesn’t love the ability to deposit a check by simply taking a picture of it with your phone? But as awesome as that is, with the many shared deposit accepting CO-OP ATMs, you have the ability to deposit cash and/or checks without having to visit an AHFCU branch or AHFCU owned ATM! Even better, AHFCU is a member of the CO-OP ‘shared branch’ network which allows you to physically visit another affiliated credit union to perform most of the transactions you would normally have to do at an AHFCU branch.

I can write volumes or talk for hours about the financial strength and the outstanding member service provided by the passionately committed employees and management team at Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union. I could also expound on the terrific work this credit union performs on behalf of its members and for the community it serves. Having been a proud member of AHFCU for over 25 years and even serving at times on the board and several committees, it is with a keen love of AHFCU and the credit union movement that makes me more than willing to share these capabilities with you.” – Jerry AHFCU Supervisory Committee Member

AHFCU staff is proud to offer additional face-to-face interactions with Select Employee Groups and their members through benefit fairs, on-site visits, lunch & learns, and new hire orientations.

Financial Healthcare for Life
In 1956, ten employees of Seaside Memorial Hospital (now known as Long Beach Memorial Medical Center) decided to create a safe, convenient place for employees and their families to save money and get loans at reduced rates. That place became a cooperative financial institution named Seaside Memorial Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union—now known as Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union (AHFCU).

Today, AHFCU serves a wide range of medical groups and hospitals within Southern California. While a lot has changed since 1956, our dedication to member service remains the same. AHFCU will always be committed to providing all members “Financial Healthcare for Life.”

As a valued member of Allied Healthcare, these services are all available to your employees and their families at no charge to you, the employer.

We are committed to our community, focused on helping our members achieve Financial Healthcare for Life. For more information about your employee benefits and opportunities, please visit us online at or contact our Business Development Officer at 562.933.0370.

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration and is an Equal Housing Lender.

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