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Have questions about your accounts or how a product or service works? You’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of our members’ most frequently asked questions. If you are still unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.


Yes! Your deposits are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.

Once you have changed your name with Social Security, the DMV or a recorded marriage/divorce certificate has been obtained. Simply bring in the original document and your name on the account will be changed.

You can update your address through the “Stat Chat” secure support option in online banking, by calling us at (562) 933-0370 or in person at any branch.

If you discover that your checks have been lost or stolen, please contact us at (562) 933-0370.

Personal checks can take between 7 to 10 business days. Rush deliveries are available at a nominal fee.

You will want to provide the following information to the originator of the wire transfer:

  • Corresponding Bank: Catalyst
  • ABA/ Routing Number: 311990511
  • Credit To The Account Of: Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union
  • Account Number: 322276868
  • Final Credit To/ Reference: Your Name & Account Number

AHFCU Debit/Credit Mastercard

Yes, as long as he/she is a joint owner on the account.

You can change your PIN anytime by calling (877) 746-6746 or visiting our Long Beach Memorial Office during normal business hours.

If you believe that any of your AHFCU cards have been lost or stolen, please call the number below immediately.

  • Lost Stolen Card (800) 682-6075

To file your dispute Monday-Friday during our normal business hours, please call (562) 933-0370 > option 3.

To Activate a Debit or Credit Card please call:

(800) 411-6390

You may mail your Credit Card payments to us directly at:

P.O. Box 93124, Long Beach, CA 90809

Credit card statements will now be combined with your monthly account statements beginning November 30th, 2017.

Automatic Payments to AHFCU credit cards can be established by the following methods:

Automatic Transfer:

You can complete an “Automatic Transfer Request” form with a Member Service Representative to transfer from your existing AHFCU accounts. Request can be completed by calling us at (562) 933-0370 or visiting your nearest branch location. Payment options include payoff statement balance monthly, minimum monthly payment, fixed monthly payment.

Automatic Withdrawals:

Schedule automatic payments from a non AHFCU account by completing an “ACH Authorization” form with a Member Service Representative. Request can be completed by calling us at (562) 933-0370 or visiting your nearest branch location. Payments options include minimum monthly payment and fixed monthly payments.

Online Transfers:

You may transfer your payments to your account through our home banking page at anytime. You may also schedule re-occurring fixed weekly, biweekly, semi monthly and monthly payments to your account.

Bill Pay:

Payments can be to the following address:

P.O. Box 93124, Long Beach, CA 90809

24/7 cardholder support is provided for assistance with declined transactions by dialing (888) 526-0404.

You can always review your account history online within home banking or by calling our automated telephone at (844) 472-4328 and select your credit card account.

Digital Banking

First time users can review our login instructions by clicking here.

Your password may not be working if you had three or more invalid attempts, or you have gone without a valid login within the last 30 days. Please select the “Forgot Password” link or call us at (562) 933-0370 Mon-Friday during normal business hours.

Yes. Log in to Online Banking and Select “Settings” go to “Modify Login Information” You may change your Online Banking ID, Online Banking Password or both.


Yes. Log in to Online Banking and select the “Account Services.” You will then Select “Mailing Address Change”  you will make the necessary changes and click on submit.

In order to receive your statements online you must be enrolled in e-statements. To register for e-statements click here.

Statements are archived from the date of enrollment going forward including all applicable tax documents that relate to the account. Simply log in to Online Banking, Select “eStatements” You will have a choice of: Monthly Statements, Credit Card Statements, Important Notices and Tax Statements.


A credit union is a not for profit financial cooperative that is formed by people with a common bond. Credit unions are owned and operated by the members it serves. Members of credit unions pool their assets to provide loans and other financial services to each other.

You are eligible for membership if you are an employee, independent contractor, self-employed, family member or retiree of the healthcare industry in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, or Kern county.

Click here to apply for membership.

Yes. A minimum deposit of $10 and a one-time membership fee of $10 is required to open a savings account and establish your membership at AHFCU.

Issues with Remote Check Deposit?

Remember that checks submitted after 4:30pm PT will be processed the following business day. No need to submit it multiple times, the AHFCU team will be sure your check is deposited.

There might be an issue if there is a row of asterisks (*) ahead of the check amount making it difficult for the system to process the check. If the issue persists, please deposit the check at a branch, shared branch, or ATM.

So your deposit is accepted, don’t forget to write on the back:

  • Your endorsement signature
  • “For mobile deposit only”
  • “AHFCU”
  • Your account number

Place the check on a plain dark surface when taking the picture. Ensure the check images are clear on both sides before submitting and confirm that your name is the payee on the check.

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