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AHFCU provides a wide-range of savings accounts to meet nearly all members’ needs. Whether you’ve been saving for years or are just starting to save, AHFCU wants to help keep you financially healthy with an account that makes it easy for you to save money.

Shared Savings

Most financial advisors recommend that individuals have at least 3-6 months of monthly expenses saved to help cover unforeseen events. Opening a Shared Savings Account is a great way to do this – giving yourself greater financial security and peace-of-mind.

Secondary Savings

A Secondary Savings Account can help you save for a large expense, without taking away from your “emergency fund.” A Secondary Savings Account can be used to save for a down payment for a vehicle, a new computer, and much more!

Holiday Savings

An AHFCU Holiday Savings Account makes it easy to save throughout the year for the holidays. With a $5 minimum deposit, a Holiday Savings Account can be opened anytime during the year. When the account matures on October 1st, you can withdraw the money that you need to cover your holiday expenses.

Vacation Savings

A Vacation Savings Account can be opened anytime during the year so that you can start saving for a debtless vacation.

Youth Savings

A Youth Savings Account is an excellent way for children to learn the value of money and to begin watching their money grow. Click here to learn more about AHFCU’s Youth Accounts.

Like other AHFCU accounts, your savings account is accessible 24/7 with the use of our mobile apps, online banking, automated phone line and ATMs. Of course, you’re also welcome to visit any of our branches!

To open a savings account, simply call (562) 933-0370 or visit one of our branches.

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