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The rates below reflect a .25% discount for direct payment. Ask for a credit union representative for details.

ProductMaximum Loan AmountTermsRates (APR)
New VehicleUp to 125% of purchase price*Up to 84 monthsAs low as 2.24%
Used VehicleUp to 110% of Kelly Blue Book valueUp to 84 monthsAs low as 2.74%
Stat Cash$25,000Up to 36 monthsAs low as 8.99%
Share & Certificate Secured100% of BalanceUp to 36 months3% over dividend rate earned
Line of Credit$15,000VariableAs low as 10.99%
HELOC$500,00010 Year draw period; repayment for the following 15 yearsPricing you may qualify for is based on factors including your credit rating and the combined loan-to-value (LTV) of your property. A minimum credit qualifying score is required. An application is required to determine pricing.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages$625,5005/1Loan pricing that you may qualify for can be different based on your credit history, loan-to-value (LTV), occupancy, property type, loan amount, loan purpose, and income/financial obligations. A minimum credit qualifying score is required. Payment examples do not include the cost of property taxes or insurance, so the actual payment obligation will be greater. Programs are subject to change without notice.

Terms shown are maximum allowed. Credit Union reserves right to make adjustments for special circumstances. All loan policies subject to change without notice. Interest rates are subject to change daily and are not guaranteed for any period.

*Including tax, license, registration, extended warranty and processing fees. Loan value is based upon the lower purchase price or retail Kelly Bluebook, whichever is less. Not including business loans.

A rate discount of .25% will be deducted if payments are made through payroll deduction or automatic transfer from an AHFCU Savings or Checking Account.