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Ten California Beaches You Need to Visit This Summer

For those of us who live driving distance to the beach, we’re likely to visit the same ones over and over. Perhaps it’s easier to go to where we know. But, being that the California coastline is 840 miles long, and has more than 420 public beaches, it’s likely that there’s a beach not too far from where you usually go that you just may like better.

Here are 10 less-visited California beaches that you should consider checking out if you haven’t ever been.

Crystal Cove – Reef Point

Situated between Newport and Laguna Beaches, Crystal Cove-Reef Point is across the street from Crystal Cove State Park. You’ll enjoy no crowds, soft sand, and beautiful scenery.

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach fronts the Ormond Wetlands and coastal farmlands near Oxnard. This remote beach is great for birdwatching, beachcombing or just for walking.

Refugio State Beach

This white-sand cove full of palm trees is about 23 miles north of Santa Barbara. There is camping, surfing, and a paved path for biking or walking.

South Ponto Beach

South Ponto Beach sits on the border of Carlsbad and Encinitas. It’s one of the widest beaches in San Diego County with plenty of space for volleyball, picnics, and sunbathing.

Thousand Steps Beach

While there’s not actually a thousand steps to this beach, it’s still a bit of a hike. But it’s worth it. You’ll enjoy seclusion, a large rock cave, and two man-made swimming pools overlooking the ocean.

Pfeiffer Beach

Located near Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach offers rock formations, caves, and purple-tinted sand, without the beach crowds.

Marshall’s Beach

Bumped up against the bay of Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll enjoy less crowds than its neighboring beaches and great photo opportunities.

Gold Bluffs Beach

Gold Bluffs Beach is part of Northern California’s Redwood National and State Park. The background of the foggy redwoods gives it a mystic atmosphere that’s like no other.

Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach is a dog-friendly beach in the unincorporated town of Bolinas. Its conditions are great for beginner surfers.

Coronado Beach

This beach is more well-known than the others; therefore, not as secluded. But, it’s worthy of mentioning and visiting; nonetheless. You’ll find shops, restaurants, and the iconic Hotel del Coronado.

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