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Ways to Enjoy Halloween This Year

This year’s Halloween may look a little different than prior years’. Although trick-or-treating may be discouraged or prohibited in some communities, there are still plenty of ways to have a boo-tacular time.

Make Spooky Food

One great way to celebrate the holiday is by making Halloween-themed foods.  Caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and caramel corn are fall classics. Some scarier ideas include bloody pancakes (made with strawberry sauce), hot dog mummies (made with phyllo dough), and deviled egg eyeballs (made with green olives).

Boo Your Neighbor

A Halloween boo is a way to spread good Halloween wishes by anonymously leaving a little gift or treat on your neighbor, family, or friend’s doorstep.

Play Halloween Games

Halloween games can help make the evening more fun. Some games to consider are the Halloween Candies Guessing Game (guess the total number of candies), Pumpkin Passing Game (use miniature pumpkins for a game similar to the Hot Potato game), and Halloween Bingo (use candy corn as your markers).

Carve a Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is a favorite Halloween tradition for many. To spice up this year’s carvings, consider spray painting the pumpkin to have it resemble something such as the

Big Dipper (spray paint the pumpkin black, use white stick chalk to mark the Big Dipper, then drill through the points with a medium drill bit. Insert a battery-powered string of lights in the constellation points. Use white chalk to connect points and draw additional stars on the pumpkin).

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