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Group of volunteers smiling for a picture under a tent.

Why Being Charitable Can Help Improve Your Financial Health

Being charitable can be one of the best ways to improve your financial health. The money-related advantages of giving back can go way beyond tax write-offs. Developing a habit of charitable giving can also instill new behaviors that lead to better saving, smarter spending, and a greater appreciation for what you have.

When you acknowledge those in need around you and observe how just a little bit can make a difference, you begin to see things with a different eye. For example, the Long Beach Rescue Mission can feed a homeless man, woman, or child with just a $2.20 donation.  By donating a few cans of food, you can help feed a family.

Meeting the people you help can be a great way to validate that your contribution is making a positive difference. The Long Beach Salvation Army provides a wide range of opportunities for in-person helping. Along with the good that you’re doing for others, this experience can help you better prioritize your finances, helping you also.

In addition to bettering your financial health, being charitable can help improve your physical and mental health. Studies have found that consistently giving and helping others can lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem, lower stress levels, decrease depression, and provide greater happiness. Over time, improved physical and mental health can also help you save money

There are numerous organizations and opportunities available for charitable giving. Here are just a few local programs to consider:

Long Beach Rescue Mission – Provides food, clothing, shelter and spiritual guidance to the homeless and less fortunate people of the community. The Mission offers a variety of rewarding opportunities for volunteers, from food service to music, the arts, mentoring, class instruction and more.

Hospital Volunteers – Many local hospitals offer several volunteer opportunities in most areas of the hospital, including assistance at special events, blood drives, clerical reception, nursing staff support, gift shop sales, main lobby reception and support for surgical patients and their families. Teen programs are also available. Here are links to a few of the local hospitals’ volunteer opportunities: Long Beach Memorial Medical, CenterSt. Francis Medical Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County – Serves hungry individuals and families in Orange County. Offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for kids and adults.

Long Beach Salvation Army – Provides food, tutoring, mentoring, activities, and more for those in need. The Long Beach Salvation Army is currently in need of non-perishable food items.

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