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The Healthy Rewards Mastercard vs. Everybody Else

At Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union, we know that value is about personalized service and competitive prices, not about size. Our Healthy Rewards Mastercard® comes out on top when compared to rewards cards from the biggest banks because we know what matters to our members and we have the agility to offer it.

Take annual fees. The Healthy Rewards Mastercard® has none (and when we say none, we really mean none. No hidden fees here) which separates it from Bank of America® Premium Rewards® and Citi Premier® Credit Card. Speaking of Citi, the high-end of Healthy Rewards Mastercard’s® range of APR percentage is lower than the Citi Premier’s® low-end. Our rates are also lower than the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card and Wells Fargo Active Cash℠ Card.

We also give more back. With the Healthy Reward Mastercard®, enjoy anywhere from 2x to 5x rewards on categories rotating monthly, with special rewards boosts throughout the year (including sometimes up to 10x!). Wells Fargo Active Cash℠ tops out at 2%, Citi Premier® at 3x and Bank of America® Premium Rewards® at 3.5x.

More rewards at lower rates, that’s how your Healthy Rewards Mastercard® supports your financial healthcare. Have a look at the below graphic to see just how the card stacks up.

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